report 3-Hamed-sh

Hello again dear “salam zaban”

This is my third report , I check here to see your comment for my second report but It seem you dont check it yet, Ok I check reports in the next days

 by the way, I write my third report because I catch up on sleep and other way I promise to write my daily reports and send every night

 Today I started OPD book and readed from page 1 to 9 , its seem very good book and I have a so good feeling in study time

I can’t start lesson two because I want start it when finished lesson 1 in OPD

I know something in today studies , for example I learn that how say my home address and how say my DOB (day of birthday) . My DOB is Feb.11.1986

in the next report I say you about my bad memory in business meeting that some foreign persons com our company and I can’t speaking with them, that time I was very sad and depress , I want to imaging that time and

make one good conversation

Regard – Hamed


thank you for your effort and very complete report

you are going to record your report, right?

is it a good idea, you can record the bad experience that you had in conversation and send its voice to us, if you would like of course

your English is very good, believe me, you just need some more experience

sorry for delay in publishing your reports, it’s very important for us to read every reports carefully, but unfortunately yesterday we didn’t have any time for that

we apologize you a lot